Monday, November 17, 2008

We have a "CHAMPION" in the house!

Scott has been playing on a Tempe Softball team. Scott joined the team through his friend David who works for ICON. I believe this was back in 2003. Scott has been playing ever since with the exception of the 2007 season. He stayed on as a sub but couldn't resit and came back and took a permanent spot. David left ICON back in 2005. I thought that I would get Scott and Tuesday nights back once David left the team. The guys on the team wanted Scott to stay so of course he "HAD" to. David did come back to ICON and now only plays as a substitute on occasion. Scott is known as "HAMMY" on the team. You may wonder how one would get the name Hammy. A couple of years ago while playing Scott hit an inside the park home run. While he was rounding 2ND base he fell to the ground and began crawling to 3rd base. What his teammates didn't know was that he pulled both hamstrings and was in a lot of pain but had to get to 3rd base because he was too far from 2ND. This made for a great laugh as Scott retold the experience. We were envisioning him crawling around the bases during a game. From this night on he was known as "HAMMY" and this is the name that has been on the back of his jersey every season since. This team won the Championship in their division. Scott really enjoys softball. He sent me these pictures as proof that he does in fact still play on a team. I used to go to his games but the summer games are really hot and the winter games are too late to have the kids out on a school night. Needless to say we are not very supportive of his hobby other than we let him go and try not to complain! I am happy that Scott has something that he loves to do and can make time to hang out with the Guys. Congratulations Scott and the team. They are very competitive and it has been a few years since they have taken the Championship. I love my "HAMMY"


Lisa said...

Congratulations! Randy is on a softball team too. Its one of his favorite things to do. Its good to have a happy husband, though lately he's been coming home with a lot of aches and pains.

tidwell said...

Barbara you are so fun. I can't believe that you match your music with your post. How is a woman suppose to keep up with you?

The David Rays said...

(sheepishly downcast eyes)...i dont even know what to say. I feel somewhat responsible for this...okay totally responsible!(LOL). Its good for them...and thats easy for me to say now that david's school and calling prevents him from playing. Good Times...and the Tuesday night widow club continues....which by the way im open to extending it to mon,tues,wed,and sunday widows club!!