Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Justin at Urgent Care

What a bummer. We woke up on Thurs the 24th of July and were going to the parade in SLC. Justin didn't feel well and was burning up. He stayed home with Scott while the rest of us went to the parade to watch our friend Jordan play in his school's marching band. When we returned home later, Justin wasn't any better. He got to go to the Urgent care and we found out he had strep throat. Were were going hiking to the Timpanogas Caves on Friday. Like the "big boy" that he is, he chose to get not one, but two shots. One in each leg so that he could get better faster. He was starting to feel better by that evening. He went on to hike and have a great day. What a trooper!

Finally a picture

OK... I did it. I got a picture on here. I just need to start taking pictures. I have a lot from our vacation to Utah but no family pictures. Hopefully by Christmas I can get a family picture. If I start working on it now, we might have one by the end of the year!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Having trouble

I can't seem to upload any of my pictures. It keeps giving me an error. I told you guys that I am not good with computers. I will get one of my friends that will "feel sorry for me" and help me figure this out!