Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I arrived home at 4:50 Friday evening contemplating how I was going to get an O.C.D. 7 year old into a costume without an argument. I hadn't planned on dressing up for Halloween this year. We needed to leave the house and get to the church prior to the trunk or treat starting at 5:30. As I rushed in barking order's at everyone, Scott told me to dress up like Sarah Palin! He was getting a suit on and the "infamous" toupee. He was to be John McCain and needed a running mate. I usually wear my hair twisted up when I am hot or don't want to mess with it anyway so the hair do wasn't a big deal. I just really needed to accentuate the height. I had to fight Jessica for the eye lashes and find the toupee glue to get them to stick. I don't wear glasses so I was running around asking the kids to bring me their old glasses to see which one would be a fit! We managed to get make-up on everyone and get out the door just 5 minutes late! I think that was a great accomplishment.
Josh was a skater with a scull face.
Jayson was a paintball player, not too surprising since this is his passion.
Jessica was a pirate with our Disney cruise leftover's and
Justin was his version of the grim reaper. We had a lot of fun at the trunk or treat. Afterwards Natalie B and I took the little kids around the neighborhood on her golf cart.
I must say, this really is the best way to take the little one's around. They don't get so tired and whiny. All in all, it was a success. And a message from my running mate John McCain....Don't forget to vote on Tues. "GOD BLESS AMERICA" we need it!


Lisa said...

You guys are too funny. Loved the costumes

Sean and Shari Tate said...

looks like you had a fun halloween! I'm looking at everyones blogs this morning from Orlando and it looks like the Annual Trunk Or Treat was a success!
I had to tell you THANKS for the awesome rice crispy treats you brought over the day before we left. I stuck them in my bag quickly as we left early on Wed...and you'll never know how they saved our starving tummys when we got off the plan, waiting for the disney shuttle to leave! I didn't even think to buy lunch at the airport before we left as it was breakfast time!! Needless to say...we were all STARVING and as I'm looked in my bag for something, ANYTHING, we were all THRILLED to find individually wrapped HOMEMADE rice crispy treats with disney stickers on them packed so nice and neat from my visiting teacher!
I really appreciate did my 3 boys tummys!!!

mpal said...

You guys looked great! What a fun night! Be assured you have our vote on Tuesday!

Russell Fam said...

How funny! Looks like you had fun. I was wondering if that toupee is one that he got at the 30th B-day party way back