Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A "COOL" January Day

With everyone having MLK day off from school our good friend Susan suggested that everyone get together and go ice blocking. What a great idea Susan! Who knew you could have so much fun with $1.79 worth of ice and a beach towel? OK Susan did! The kids ...well and some young at heart made their way down and back up the hill. Over and Over and Over again! Some played frisbee football while others lounged in the 80 degree weather. It was a very relaxing day and the best part was that the kids got worn out and were tired when bedtime came around. I would bet that Water N Ice would appreciate us doing this more often. They told one of us that they sold all their blocks of ice that they had in stock that day. Maci and her kids came with us. I had to remove that picture before Maci killed me! She did threaten. It's off Maci!

Natalie and Leslie chilin' in the sun.
Susan getting ready to take off with all the kids.
There was a lot of girly screaming goin' on! There were several wipeouts
Even more attemps at a train that would fall apart.
And for the haul up the hill!
Justin found that it was easier to just drag your
ice from the towel that was frozen to it.
He later told me "Thanks Mom...
this was the best day ever!"
Caleb either needed three ice blocks
(He is the head of HEAP's HERO's so he
probably didn't even need one!) or he was just being
very kind and carring up ice for the kids.
Now that's using your noggin!
Christina and Susan would visit all the way
up the hill and never realized that they were
getting their work-out in.
After a few families left, the kids stacked and
made trails out of the ice that was left behind.
Thanks to all that were there, It really was a blast!

It was just


on a warm January afternoon.