Monday, November 17, 2008

We have a "CHAMPION" in the house!

Scott has been playing on a Tempe Softball team. Scott joined the team through his friend David who works for ICON. I believe this was back in 2003. Scott has been playing ever since with the exception of the 2007 season. He stayed on as a sub but couldn't resit and came back and took a permanent spot. David left ICON back in 2005. I thought that I would get Scott and Tuesday nights back once David left the team. The guys on the team wanted Scott to stay so of course he "HAD" to. David did come back to ICON and now only plays as a substitute on occasion. Scott is known as "HAMMY" on the team. You may wonder how one would get the name Hammy. A couple of years ago while playing Scott hit an inside the park home run. While he was rounding 2ND base he fell to the ground and began crawling to 3rd base. What his teammates didn't know was that he pulled both hamstrings and was in a lot of pain but had to get to 3rd base because he was too far from 2ND. This made for a great laugh as Scott retold the experience. We were envisioning him crawling around the bases during a game. From this night on he was known as "HAMMY" and this is the name that has been on the back of his jersey every season since. This team won the Championship in their division. Scott really enjoys softball. He sent me these pictures as proof that he does in fact still play on a team. I used to go to his games but the summer games are really hot and the winter games are too late to have the kids out on a school night. Needless to say we are not very supportive of his hobby other than we let him go and try not to complain! I am happy that Scott has something that he loves to do and can make time to hang out with the Guys. Congratulations Scott and the team. They are very competitive and it has been a few years since they have taken the Championship. I love my "HAMMY"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who's bathroom is missing toilet paper?

So, While we were out last Friday night someone was having fun in our front yard. We got a phone call from a friend driving by that said that it had snowed at our house. When we got home we found this.....

Someone, or should I say several someone's covered our yard in toilet paper. Josh and Jayson had some friends over who had to leave and have family scripture study but came back. When they left everything was fine. They returned a very short while later and came back to this. Josh and Jayson said that their friends parents came and got them and then returned them so they are not suspects. They wouldn't care to do this anyways they are boys and only interested in vidoe games. Having a daughter, I know that they like to do this kind of thing. Now it turns into...what girls would do this? Jessica said that she heard girls laughing outside when she was up in her room but didn't think much of it. The girl down the street was having a slumber party so maybe her. I spoke with her dad at baseball on Saturday and he said that she is so shy and he would be suprised if she would even think of such a thing. After much speculation, and the word on the street is that Britt T. and Laura M. had something to do with it. Well, I accused both of these girls on Saturday. Both denied it. No suprise. Then on saturday night...we get hit again. This time it appears to only be one roll of T.P. However our friends get hit hard this night. I can't wait to find out who is responsible for this because I love "paybacks". I will continue to figure out who is responsible as I contemplate what the payback will be. So, if you are responsible...."WATCH OUT!" and if you heard anything in the hall at church or snickering from your daughters, let me know. The battle is ON!

It sure kept Jessica and Justin busy. They were the lucky two that got to clean this up as Josh and Jayson were busy cleaning garbage cans for the scout fundraiser. Jessica and Justin threw it on each other, covered up each other and both climbed into it. I never thought that so much fun could be had with about 13+ rolls of TP.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I arrived home at 4:50 Friday evening contemplating how I was going to get an O.C.D. 7 year old into a costume without an argument. I hadn't planned on dressing up for Halloween this year. We needed to leave the house and get to the church prior to the trunk or treat starting at 5:30. As I rushed in barking order's at everyone, Scott told me to dress up like Sarah Palin! He was getting a suit on and the "infamous" toupee. He was to be John McCain and needed a running mate. I usually wear my hair twisted up when I am hot or don't want to mess with it anyway so the hair do wasn't a big deal. I just really needed to accentuate the height. I had to fight Jessica for the eye lashes and find the toupee glue to get them to stick. I don't wear glasses so I was running around asking the kids to bring me their old glasses to see which one would be a fit! We managed to get make-up on everyone and get out the door just 5 minutes late! I think that was a great accomplishment.
Josh was a skater with a scull face.
Jayson was a paintball player, not too surprising since this is his passion.
Jessica was a pirate with our Disney cruise leftover's and
Justin was his version of the grim reaper. We had a lot of fun at the trunk or treat. Afterwards Natalie B and I took the little kids around the neighborhood on her golf cart.
I must say, this really is the best way to take the little one's around. They don't get so tired and whiny. All in all, it was a success. And a message from my running mate John McCain....Don't forget to vote on Tues. "GOD BLESS AMERICA" we need it!